2-Photon Microscope and VR system
to record the activity of neurons and astrocytes in animals behaving in a virtual reality
Slice Electrophysiology Rig
We use our rig to record from single neurons while manipulating glial activity
Molecular Biology Lab
Here is where we clone our new tools, stainand perform immunohistochemicalstains, RNA extraction and analysis.
Confocal Microscope
We have our own Olympus confocal microscope for new vectors verification, and immunostaining characterization.
Behavior Monitoring
We monitor behavior using a variety of tools (Fear conditioning, plus maze, open field...), controlled and tracked by the EthovVsion system.
Surgery Stations
We use our electronically guided stereotaxes to micro-inject viral vectors and implant optical fibers.
In-Vivo Electrophysiology Rig
We use our rig to monitor neuronal activity and plasticity in anesthetized mice while manipulating glial activity.
Tissue Culture Room
For lentivirus preparation and neuronal cutures.
Calcium imaging in behaving mice
We use the Inscopix nVistaHD miniaturized microscope for calcium imaging in behaving mice.
The ELSC virus core
Is providing us with AAV vectors. Core manager - DR. Maya Sherman maya.groysman.huji@gmail.com
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